The Worst Easter Candy For Your Teeth

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Chances are you’ve already spotted all the Easter treats popping up around town. It’s no secret that Easter isn’t exactly a holiday known for its mouth-friendly snacks (other than the Easter bunny’s carrots of course). We’re all aware that sugar is bad for your teeth but did you know that certain types of candies and treats are worse than others? Before you stock up on your favourite seasonal candies, learn more about which types are best to avoid or approach with caution:

Sour Candy
Even though sour candies have the best tang, they’re also very acidic. The acid in sour candies can cause enamel to erode and make you more prone to chipped/broken teeth and cavities.

Sticky Candy
Sticky or gooey candy sticks to your teeth (no surprise) and creeps its way into tiny crevices near your gums. Since it’s hard to remove, the sugar is harder to wash off and as a result, stays on your teeth longer. Be careful with things like taffy, caramels and tootsie rolls as these are some of the worst offenders when it comes to growing bacteria.

Hard Candy
While lollipops are a lot of fun to eat, any candy that stays in your mouth for a longer period of time, exposes your teeth to more harm. When enjoying any hard candy (with or without a stick), it’s also important to be cautious of biting down on them since they can actually break your teeth.

As with most things in life, it’s all about moderation! Enjoy your favourite Easter treats and do your best to floss or brush right after eating to avoid dental problems down the road. If you can’t get any brush or floss time in, swishing/rinsing with water is also a simple way to dislodge bits and pieces that may have been left behind after snacking.

Have a Happy (and extra sweet) Easter!

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