6 Foods/Drinks To Avoid On Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! As you prepare to shower someone special in love and accept the same in return, don’t forget to show your body and mouth some love too. Steer clear of tummy troubles, indigestion, tooth aches and stinky breath by avoiding these foods on the day:

In general, you should avoid fizzy drinks and sodas. The excessive amounts of sugar make them detrimental to your teeth. Opt for a non-fizzy packaged drink or natural fruit juices instead.

As difficult as this may seem, skip your mandatory cup(s) of coffee on Valentine’s Day and opt for a cup of green tea instead. Coffee can stain your teeth and has a strong smell that tends to linger in the mouth, so chugging a coffee before your big date might wake you up, but it won’t provide any benefits to your valentine!


Sugary and sticky candy can wreak havoc on your mouth, especially if you aren’t able to brush your teeth or rinse your mouth out with water afterwards. Opt for healthier treats like fresh strawberries which help whiten teeth and keep your mouth healthy.

Garlic has got to be the worst food you can have on a day when your mouth needs to smell fresh! Chances are you hadn’t planned to gift your Valentine ‘garlic breath’, so avoid eating this otherwise healthy vegetable on the 14th. Other odorous vegetables like onions, should also be avoided. If you can’t get around that, just make sure to brush your teeth thoroughly and keep a pocket mouth freshener handy just in case!

Salty foods
Foods that contain excessive salt as well as all fried snacks, could cause bloating which isn’t something you’ll want to experience during your date. Avoid all fried and salty foods if possible and instead opt for healthier snacks like nuts or dark chocolate.

Cheesy foods
While ordering pizza with your partner on Valentine’s Day might seem like a cute way to celebrate, your body might not agree. The salt causes water retention making you feel heavy and since cheese is hard to digest, it can cause bloating.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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