Veneers are thin facings that are bonded on the fronts of teeth to change their color or shape. Veneers are used for many reasons, including cosmetics (to give the tooth better shape and colour), to close spaces between teeth, or give the appearance of straight teeth. Sometimes the teeth require a small preparation and other times they don't. Veneers are usually irreversible because it's necessary to remove a small amount of enamel from your teeth to accommodate the shell.


  • Teeth are lightly buffed, usually removing about half-a-millimeter of the tooth (this allows for the minor added thickness of the veneer)
  • A mold of the teeth is taken and sent to the laboratory for fabrication of the veneers
  • A final appointment is made for the bonding of the veneers to the teeth (in which various shades of cement will be used to match the colour of your teeth)

Veneers have a high colour stability and highly resist permanent staining from coffee, tea, or even cigarette smoking. It is important, however, to brush and floss daily to ensure the longevity of your veneers and the overall health of your teeth.