Dentures are dental prosthesis used for replacing one, multiple (partial denture), or all missing teeth (complete denture). A partial denture is a removable prosthesis used to replace missing teeth when there are other teeth still present.


All dentures are custom-made and fit to ensure comfort, especially when speaking, chewing, and smiling. The longer you have your dentures for, the more likely your gums will naturally shrink over time and alter the fit and tightness of the denture. Often, this can be addressed by doing a simple reline and adding more material to where the gums have shrunk. This avoids the necessity for a new denture, the use of denture adhesives, or denture glues, which can be messy.


We offer two kinds of partial dentures: Cast Metal Dentures, which are very strong and retentive, and Acrylic Partial Dentures, which have minimal metal to them and often cost less than Cast Metal Dentures but are typically bulkier and may not stay in as well.


Full dentures are a removable prosthesis used when all teeth on the top, bottom, or both are missing. These are fully removable and not "fixed" in the mouth. Partial dentures stay in place by clasping existing teeth that remain, Complete Upper Dentures stay in via the suction action of the musculature in the mouth, and Complete Lower Dentures stay in the mouth through gravity and some retention from the gums. Complete Lower Dentures generally do not stay in very well on their own. Usually, at least two dental implants or, less-often, the use of denture adhesives is required to aid in their retention.