Dental Care


Regular checkups are an essential part of any preventive program for your entire family. If you see your dentist regularly, any dental problems such as gum disease can be treated early. If you see a dentist only in an emergency, treatment may be much more costly. Nothing is more economical than a regular dental exam.

We recommend brushing at least twice daily for 2-3 minutes.


Sugars are one of the main causes of dental problems. We recommend avoiding sticky sweets and soft drinks with sugar. After eating sugary sweets you should brush immediately. If that’s not possible, than rinse with water, eat a hard fruit or vegetable, or chew a piece of sugar-free gum.


1. Take a piece of floss approximately as long as your arm

2. Wrap it around your middle finger of both hands

3. Use your index fingers to glide the floss between your teeth

4. Wrap it into a "C" shape around the bone of the tooth

5. Move up and down 2-3 times to clean

6. Be sure to floss both sides of the tooth

7. Move to a new part of the floss as you move from one tooth to the next

8. Floss first then brush for a better cleaning


Remember to use a soft bristle brush.

1. Place your brush at a 45 degree angle to your teeth pointing towards the gum line.

2. Brush in a gentle circular motion - DO NOT SCRUB!

3. Clean every surface of every tooth and remember to brush your tongue.

4. Change your tooth brush every 3 months on average.